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NecronomiCon 2019
Pre-Party Kickoff Author Readings: Christa Carmen

Bloody Beach Readalong...Jason's Weird Reads
Hosts That's What She Read, The Shades of Orange, Carlas's Book Bits, Jason's Weird Reads, & Kami's Korner read Christa Carmen, Ania Ahlborn, & Cameron Roubique

Bloody Beach Readalong...The Shades of Orange
Hosts That's What She Read, The Shades of Orange, Carlas's Book Bits, Jason's Weird Reads, & Kami's Korner read Christa Carmen, Ania Ahlborn, & Cameron Roubique

"That's What She Read" April Wrap-Up
@Lady_Gagnon includes #SBSB in her April reviews
HorrorAddicts.net, 164
Excerpt, Christa Carmen’s “This Our Angry Train”
Stu Bryer | WICH AM 1310
Stu Bryer interviews Christa Carmen & Tom Greaney

Ben Walker interviews Christa Carmen
Citywide Blackout
Talking with Author Christa Carmen at Rhode Island Comic Con

Studio Ablisteaso
Rhode Island ComicCon 2018! Artists, writers, cosplayers, Christa Carmen, clowns, superheroes, and more!
Unnerving Podcast EP019
Halloween Special with Stephen Graham Jones, Jessica McHugh, Christa Carmen, Brent Kelley, and more!
Necrocasticon Podcast Vol. 4 Chapter 19
Tom Clark interviews Christa Carmen about Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked
Losing the Plot Podcast
Leo X Robertson & Christa Carmen talk writing stories, going to conventions, and the subjectivity of horror!
Arm Cast Podcast – Episode 230
Host Armand Rosamilia chats with Christa Carmen
Write To Survive Podcast Episode 22:
Scratching The Writing Itch feat. Christa Carmen

NECON 38 Panel
The Spark: What Inspires a Great Short Story?

Readercon Group Reading
The New American Bizarrerie
"No Trespassing"
Dead Oaks' Horror Anthology Podcast
Jiffy-pop and Horror Blogcast Episode #003
Unnerving publisher Eddie Generous talks to Christa Carmen about books, Rocky, and the Stanley Hotel.
"The Girl Who Loved Bruce Campbell"
Horror Hill, Chilling Tales for Dark Nights
The Simply Scary Podcast Network

Peculiar Publications Perusal
Ben Walker reviews Unnerving Magazine Issue #5
"Liquid Handcuffs"
Tales to Terrify

Groton Public Library Opioid Crisis Series,
Opioid Panel Discussion with Community Speaks Out

Ghosts, Saints, & Faeries
Artists' Cooperative Gallery of Westerly, RI

"Episode 2, Heroin Epidemic Series"
Books and Things with Tom Santos

"Shine a Light on Heroin"
Art Now and Here

"For the Record, with Shawn Murphy"
WPXQ-TV, ION Television Network

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Beneath the Poet's House
Order now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Books-A-Million.

For a grieving writer, the secrets of the past and present converge in a novel of gripping psychological suspense from the author of The Daughters of Block Island.

Unmoored by her husband's death and suffering from writer's block, novelist Saoirse White moves to Providence, and into the historic home of Sarah Helen Whitman, the nineteenth-century poet and spiritualist once courted by Edgar Allan Poe. Saoirse's certain she'll find inspiration in the quiet rooms, as well as in the tucked-away rose garden and forgotten cemetery at the back of the property.

Saoirse is immediately welcomed by an effusive trio of transcendentalists obsessed with Whitman, the house, and Whitman's mystic beliefs. Saoirse, emerging from grief and loneliness, welcomes the idea of new friends taking her mind off the past?even as they hope to summon it. When she meets Emmit Powell, a charismatic and charming prize-winning author, Saoirse thinks she's finally turned a corner.

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“To the Moon and Back”
Why Didn’t You Just Leave
Cursed Morsels

Edited by Nadia Bulkin & Julia Rios

It’s the question asked of any story about a haunting: why didn’t you just leave? If accounts of people who have stayed in haunted houses are any indication, it’s never that simple. There are a lot of reasons why people don’t just leave scary situations, and these smart, spooky stories reflect the complexity behind that question.
» Coming Soon